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3B Bags - Reusable Produce Bags - Pack of 3

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Why use plastic produce bags? Throw away your worries and bring an end to plastic bag waste with the 3B Reusable Produce Bags. Sustainable and functional, these bags simplify and improve produce transport from the market to your kitchen. They're small, affordable and have so many uses! They are NOT only for grocery shopping. Use them to keep extra tennis balls, clean fine washables, separate yarn colors, or keep fruit flies off of your fruit!

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Each pack includes 3 individual bags - two 11" x 14" bags, one 14.5" x 18.5" bag. Convenient drawstring closure. Virtually weightless and transparent. Machine washable. Product testing shows the bags meet requirements or have no detectable levels of lead, phthlates, BPA or other toxins.


100% polyester

About The Brand

3B Reusable Produce Bags are meant to replace all those plastic bags we pull off the dispenser in the produce section to bag our fruits and veggies. Made with mesh nylon, machine-washable and perfect for reuse.

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