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BioBag - Lawn & Leaf Bags

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Meet the alternative to wasteful plastic and paper bags for yard waste removal: the BioBag Lawn & Leaf bag. These bags are completely biodegradable. With a 33 gallon capacity, they are durable and sturdy, gathered at the bottom for extra strength. Lawn & Leaf Bag are sized to meet State Lift Laws, which range up to 45 lbs. Lawn & Leaf bags can be set at curbside for up to 12 days before the collected waste will begin to break the bag down.

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A Closer Look

Five 33-gallon bags. Certified by OK Compost (Europe), meets ASTM 6400. Best used within 12 months of purchase


Mater-Bi, a completely biodegradable and compostable bio-polymer (based on plant starches, vegetable oils and compostable polymers)

About The Brand

BioBag is a world leader in providing bags and films for the collection of organic waste for the purpose of composting. Unlike regular plastic, BioBags can be consumed by micro-organisms that live in our soils. Because we use starches from renewable crops, our bags can be readily composted along with organic waste in municipal composting facilities.

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