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Sun and Earth - All Purpose Spray Cleaner

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Consolidate all of your cleaning bottles into one and save our landfills! This All Purpose Cleaner works great at removing grease, grime, and dirt in your kitchen, bathroom, and all around your house. Its natural, non-toxic, environmentally-friendly formulation is free from petroleum-based solvents. It uses only use plant-based surfactants so you have the added peace of mind knowing you are not exposing your family, children or pets to harmful chemical residues or fumes. Because All Purpose Cleaner is natural and biodegradable, it is safe for septic systems. In independent laboratory tests, Sun & Earth was ranked the #1 all purpose cleaner, out-performing major national brands like 409 and Fantastic.


A Closer Look

22 fl oz. Vegan. No animal testing. Free of petroleum-based ingredients, chlorine, phosphates, dyes, perfumes, gluten, soy, casein, tree nuts, and peanuts


Natural surfactants (made from coconut and vegetable oil), orange oil, preservative, water

About The Brand

Formulated for households who want non-toxic, skin and nose sensitive households, our natural cleaners, detergents and soaps come in authentic light citrus, unscented and new lavender varieties. None of our products are artificially boosted with chemical scents like many of our competitors.

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    "Honestly, I'm the type of guy that likes to take a single bottle of cleaner and walks around the house cleaning. I don't like having one bottle of X for the bathroom and another bottle of Y for the glass, yada yada yada...One bottle of all purpose cleaner and go to town. Sun & Earth does the trick and I like knowing that where my child crawls is cleaned with a nice product."

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