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Moom - Men Hair Removal System Refill Jar

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See and feel the Moom for Men difference! Until now, all hair removers have concentrated on removing unwanted hair and have not cared about what damage they cause to the skin underneath. Moom has revolutionized the hair removal industry by making the skin the first consideration. Enriched with essential oils, this state-of-the-art system far exceeds the performance of waxes and other sugaring products for a smooth, sculpted look. It is specifically designed for male body hair and gives professional results that last weeks longer than shaving. Plus, there’s no need for after treatment lotions and creams!

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A Closer Look

12 oz. No animal testing. Water soluble. Free of chemicals, perfumes, artificial substances


Organic sugar, organic chamomile tea, organic lemon juice, organic aloe vera, organic boswellia

About The Brand

MOOM®’s focus is caring for your skin, and its secret ingredient is its love for nature and the environment.MOOM®’s revolutionary combination of 100% Organic and food grade ingredients makes it ideal for sensitive skin and delicate areas. Its carefully balanced formula gently removes hair with its root and keeps it off for up to eight weeks. MOOM® is 
Gentle enough for the most sensitive areas, yet strong enough for the most stubborn hair.

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  • USDA Organic

    USDA certified organic products incorporate common organic food production practices. USDA Organic standards apply to areas including soil and water quality, pest control, livestock practices and rules for food additives. USDA Organic multi-ingredient products contain at least 95% certified organic content.

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