Our Story

A Singular Focus

Recyclebank started with a bold but simple vision to inspire people to live more sustainably. We began by partnering with communities to reward members for recycling, and then added many different ways to encourage every day, sustainable choices. These encouragements took the form of points, which could be redeemed for great deals in our rewards catalog. Over time, members have asked for more help and direction with finding the products that are gentle on the planet, healthy for their families and easy on their wallets. We've heard them. Enter One Twine, an innovative shop that takes Recyclebank's mission to the next level - and provides our members with even better ways to use their points.

What's in a Name?

Technology might make the world move faster, but it's always been interconnected. One Twine is a nod to the traditional corner store, the community hub where shopkeepers connected individuals with high-quality, all-natural goods. Purchases there were often bound by brown paper and twine - a single thread woven from many fibers. Just like those durable, interwoven threads, we believe that through your small actions and our great products, we're collectively bound for a better future.

We're Driven

Like those local, community shopkeepers that inspired the name, we've got a passion for products designed to make life better. It sounds lofty, but we know that choosing items that feature good materials and smarter designs can improve our everyday routines, our communities and our planet. That's why we strive to connect you to brands we know and trust.

We're on a Journey, Too

For ten years running we've learned, along with our members, how to live more sustainably every day. That doesn't mean we're always perfect, it just means that we're always looking for new solutions and responsible ways to live more abundantly. We're learning something new everyday, and we want to share those insights and experiences with you. Additionally, we're empowering schools and communities by donating 5% of our profits to the Recyclebank Green Schools Program. Each year, we'll contribute up to $50,000 to this educational initiative.

We're Realists (Honestly)

Searching for safer, healthier products can sometimes feel like a full-time job (after all, it is our full-time job). We know that it's just easier to go with what's convenient. That's why we employ our Impact Lens to take out all the guesswork and to keep making smart shopping choices simple for you. You can feel good about the products we offer because we've done the leg work to make sure they pass our sniff test. Read more >

Do Good. Get Deals. It's That Simple.

If you're not signed up for Recyclebank, you're missing out on the chance to turn good actions into great deals. Members can earn points for making a positive impact and can cash those points in for discounts at One Twine or claim other deals in the Recyclebank's rewards catalog.